Are you tired of doing manual paperwork for your Hotel/Motel?

Let MotelPRO a full featured Hotel/Motel software can help you manage and organize your business. No typing or computer skill required. Our easy to use, SCAN-SIGN-N-STAY PMS can convert your front desk operation to a paperless office. We offer seamless two way online reservation interface thru our MotelPRO ChannelPRO integration for major Online Travel Agencies and GDS.


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We offer a 30 day free trial of our easy to install & use PMS software MotelPRO.

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Hardware Solutions

We offer various advanced hardware integration with all our software to retrieve customer's information and acquire electronic signature.

Software Solutions

We provide turnkey software solutions listed below and create customized solutions for many industries.

Simple guest check-in system for Independent hotel/motel owners. Supports all length of stays including daily, Weekly, Monthly and other.


A fully automated online booking engine for your hotel/motel website to increase revenue / occupancy and maintain rate parity.


Manage Rates and Inventory for all major online travel partners like, Expedia, Travelocity etc. with our state of the art channel...


Speed up check-in process by scanning License/ID/Passport for all US states, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and many other countries.


VTSPRO© is a sophisticated yet very easy to use visitor tracking system for communities, condo lobbies, schools, hospitals...


eZee Ultimate hospitality echo system: State of the art, no upfront cost, cloud based solution to run your hotel/motel. Improve your revenue, stay ahead of your competition, manage your reservations/reviews from one portal and much more…


Why Choose MotelPRO?

MotelPRO is being used by more than 600 independent hotel/motel owners and operators nationwide and that number is growing rapidly. Our clients include from 5 room bed and breakfast property to 185 room full service hotel. Our pricing structure makes it affordable to all size properties.

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Shailesh Shah

Shailesh Shah President, C.T.O
(Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Florida)

An IT professional providing hardware/software based systems and solutions for over 25 years. His extensive operational knowledge of many industries has earned him respect from his growing customer base. He has designed, maintained and supported IT based solutions for various types of businesses nationwide.


We have been using MotelPRO for over 20 years (from DOS days). We have been promoting MotelPRO to our friends and family thru out USA. Doing paper work with MotelPRO is as easy as it can be.

Bharat M Patel
Sinbad Motel (Miami – FL)
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MotelPRO is a full featured easy to install & use software. Download your free trial now.

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