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2D Barcode – ShadowWriter Yearly Technical Support and Updates Subscription


Yearly Tech Support and Updates Subscription.

One year support and updates for ShadowWriter Scanning Solution the following:

1) ShadowWriter related updates, Technical support via phone, email and by remotely accessing your PC
2) All ID scanning related updates and support on both hardware and software.
Incoming phone support hours are 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. All after hours support should be sent via emails. Email will be answered in 1 to 24 hrs depending on the nature of support issue. We may provide extended after hours support via outbound phone call or accessing your computer remotely at our discretion.

Note:This support contract does not cover any hardware not purchased from us. We charge a flat fee of $125.00 for our services to backup data from old computer, install and configure hardware/software on the new computer.