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Topaz T-LBK57GC signature pad


SigGem® Color 5.7 is Topaz’s advanced, more durable 5.7″ full-color TFT VGA (640 x 480) LCD electronic signature pad that displays “electronic ink” under the pen tip during signing.

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Bundled secure software APIs provide for interactive text, graphics, and pen-tap hotspots and checkboxes, which enable users to navigate screens, read agreements, and select preferred options before signing.


  • 5.7″ full-color tempered glass LCD display
  • GemGuard® antimicrobial pen
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and MSR specialty models available
  • Rugged, more durable technology
  • Signature seen on pad and computer screen


  • T-LBK57GC-BHSX-R: Dual High-Performance USB/Serial
  • T-LBK57GC-BHSB-R: Dual USB/Serial
  • T-LBK57GC-BBSB-R: Dual Virtual Serial via USB/Serial


Pens: Purchase replacement pens for your Topaz signature pad.
Tilt Stand: Designed to hold Topaz LCD signature pads, the tilt stand has a 360 degree rotation and up-to-45 degree tilt.
USB Cables: Replacement USB cables for your Topaz signature pad.
Serial Cable Kit: Required for a Topaz BHSB signature pad to be used serially rather than through USB.
Power Adapter: Provides an alternate source of power for a Topaz BHSB signature pad in serial mode using a serial cable kit.
Ethernet Adapter: Designed for a Topaz BHSB signature pad in serial mode using a serial cable kit, this accessory allows for plug-in to a local network through a standard ethernet connection.