We have been using MotelPRO PMS for over 20 years (since DOS days) and actively promoting it to our friends and family in USA. Doing paper work with MotelPRO is as easy as it can be.
Bharat M Patel & Manisha
Sinbad Motel, Miami - FL
અમારા ચુમ્મોતેર વરસના મેનેજર જસુભાઇ કાયમ કેહતા હતા કે મેંતો જીંદગીમાં ખેતી જ કરી છે પણ આવે એમ કહી સકે છે કે મોટેલપ્રો એટલું સેહલું છેકે હવે અમે અમેરિકામા ફ્રન્ટડેસ્ક પણ કરી શકીએ છીએ.
Harshad Patel
Motel Owner, Los Angeles - CA
We run a 175 rooms property very efficiently with MotelPRO. Guests are checked-in quickly by scanning their ID or by a unique number assigned to them. The signature pad interface has converted our office to a paperless green operation. Our front desk employees love the single screen quick check-in process and our guests are amazed by how little they have to wait to get their room key.
Vijay Patel
Budgetel, Pompano Beach - FL
MotelPRO allows us to scan up to five ids per room per stay.Our local law enforcement officers have always appreciated that.We are able to verify who is in the room prior to handing a duplicate key. This makes our property a safer place to stay and keeps us in compliance with local authorities.
Nayana & Narendra Patel
Budget Inn, Pasadena - TX